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Financial Services Our belief in preparation, professionalism, continuing education/training, and advanced skills allows us to provide quality service to our clients. Some of the services we provide are as follows:

QuickBooks installation and support
QuickBooks is the most popular business software in the market. It provides small businesses with a complete bookkeeping system and gives them the ability to produce financial reports that are great tools for management. We are certified by Intuit, the software Company that produces QuickBooks, as QuickBook Professionals. This designation means that they consider us experts in the applications and use of this software. We specialize in setting up the software, training personnel to use it, and developing reports through the software to help management manage their business.

QuickBooks training seminars in house and classes
As QuickBooks professionals we have become affiliated with a co-op called Bridge21. Bridge21 has selected accountants throughout the country that are Certified QuickBooks Professionals to be their training affiliates. Bridge21 is the largest and most experienced Company that trains companies to use QuickBooks. With their resources we are able to conduct advanced classes and introductory seminars in the use of QuickBooks. The classes and seminars are held monthly at a classroom location, as well as, company work sites.

We provide full charge bookkeeping services at our office. This service includes, but is not limited to, preparing sales ledgers, cash receipt ledgers, accounts payable ledgers, cash disbursement ledgers, payroll ledgers and general ledgers. Our office is completely automated and will maintain a complete set of books for a company.

Outsource Bookkeeping
Many Companies are now choosing not to have a bookkeeping department and outsource that important task to Companies that specialize in bookkeeping service. We often find that a Company can have a 40% savings by using us for their bookkeeping tasks instead of having a bookkeeping department. We have developed our technology so that Companies will have hands on access to their books at their work site while at the same time we can work on their books at our office. We have also developed our technology so that the transfer of information from one work site to the other is almost paperless.

We provide a payroll service that includes issuing checks to employees, making sure the proper employee documentation is maintained, preparation of federal and state (multi state) monthly, quarterly and year end reports, tracking union benefits and dues, insurance benefits, pension benefits, cafeteria plans etc..

Accounting on line service
Our technology will allow clients to access their books no matter where their location is within the United States or internationally. Our technology also has safeguards to prevent unauthorized people from getting into files.

Preparation of corporate, partnership, and personal tax returns
We consider the preparation of tax returns the end stage of a systematic process of tax and financial planning. We pride ourselves in giving our clients the benefit of our expertise in helping them plan their tax strategy. It is our goal to provide sound tax advice that will reduce taxes and provide good financial planning.

Preparation of estate and fiduciary tax returns and court accountings
We often find that estate and fiduciary tax returns require teamwork between us and other professionals. We have been honored to work with prestigious law firms on estate matters that included the preparation of estate and fiduciary tax returns and court accountings. We are experienced in working with estates and have been called as expert witnesses in estate court matters.

Preparation of non-profit organization reports
We handle all types of non-profit organizations which include, but are not limited to, churches, social clubs, sports leagues, unions and charitable organizations. We have experience in preparing state and federal reports, reports for directors, certified reports and compilation and review reports.

Financial Planning
We consider ourselves a team player when it comes to financial planning. We want to be interactive with your insurance advisor, investment advisor, attorney or any other professionals you use concerning financial planning. As your accountant we would want to take the lead of this group and make sure all the professionals involved with your financial planning are in sync. We do not sell any financial products. Because of that we can always maintain objectivity in the financial planning we do with our clients.

Estate Planning
Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. It is imperative that all of us have some type of estate planning. We address the issues of estate planning with all our clients. These areas cover the issues of federal and state estate taxes, guardianship of children, trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, pre burial and many other areas of concern. Estate planning also involves working with other professionals such as your investment advisors, insurance advisors and attorneys. We make sure that all your professionals work together.

Elder Planning
Many people are not aware of what elder planning is. Catastrophic illness can often wipe out the assets of the elderly. Normal types of health insurance and Medicare will not always cover this kind of illness or will be limited in coverage. If an elderly person needs long term care, whether in a nursing facility or at home, the assets can be wiped out or significantly depleted. Proper planning can prevent this kind of financial loss and provide security for the elderly in their time of need. We are experienced in providing elder planning. We encourage our clients to have this planning for themselves and their parents.

Small Business Planning and Consultation
We provide business planning and consultation to small business. Issues such as what type of entity, capitalization, borrowing, buy-sell agreements, buying or selling a business, internal control, management goals, employee hiring and other important issues are covered

Non-Profit Organization and Planning
We have extensive experience with non-profit organizations in setting them up and their financial planning. Our experience with non-profit organizations has included churches, social clubs, charities and unions.

Business Plans and Budgets
We like to influence our business clients to have business plans and budgets. You may be thinking, what is the difference? A business plan is your target of where you would want to be with your business five years down the road. In the plan you realistically state your goals and ways to implement those goals. It forces you to operate your business with a purpose rather than shooting from the hip. A budget is a projection of the revenue and expenses you expect to have in a given year. By having a budget you have something to measure against your actual results of operations. It is an excellent management tool when you can measure expected results with actual results.

Preparation of Compilation, Review and Certified Financial Statements
There are different degrees of financial statements. Each level of financial statement puts more responsibility on the accountant to present the statement in conformity with generally accepted accounting standards. As a CPA Firm we can issue these types of reports. The type of financial report needed is often dictated by a bank, federal or state agencies, funding agencies or investors.

Internal Revenue Service and State of New Jersey Audit Representation
We have extensive experience in representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service and the State of New Jersey. Some of the issues covered in our audit experience are federal income taxes, state income taxes, state sales tax, payroll tax issues (federal and state), and government compliance issues.

Federal and State Department of Labor Audit Representation
We have extensive experience representing clients before the Department of Labor (federal and state). Some of the issues we have covered are time and wage, workers compensation, disability and child labor.

Representation before Federal and State Agencies and Banking Institutions
We have experience helping clients procure casino licenses, federal and state grants, bank loans, bids and other types of funding with federal and state agencies, banks and other types of entities.


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